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Do you sell brand name tires?

Yes, we have access to most brand name tires and offer competitive pricing. Call or email us for a quote.

I purchased new tires from another store. Can you mount them for me?

Yes, we will mount tires you have already purchased elsewhere provided they meet vehicle specification requirements.

Can you balance my tires at my home?

Yes, we are able to balance tires in our truck, on site. We use a computer balancer which is capable of both static and dynamic balances. We are able to perform match mount balances when necessary. We use stick on lead weights or clip on lead weights to balance each tire. Our technicians will select the best method to ensure great performance of your tire and wheel combination.

My vehicle requires special stick-on weights. Are you able to balance my tires?

Yes, we can provide stick on lead weights to balance your tires.

I am concerned about my alloy rims being damaged during installation. What sort of precautions do you take to prevent rim damage?

The tire mounter we use is considered touchless meaning that there is minimal contact between the equipment and the rim. None of the components come into contact with the face or finished portion of the rim, eliminating the risk of damage. We also inspect the condition of your vehicle before and after installation to ensure you receive your vehicle in the same condition we did.

Do you tighten the lug nuts with an impact gun or do you hand torque them?

First, we use the impact gun to snug the fasteners on. Once the wheel is snug on the hub, we hand torque the fasteners to the manufacturers specifications with a calibrated torque wrench. This is done before the tire touches the ground because there is no load on the wheel assembly. Once all the tires are on the ground, we re-torque the fasteners to ensure that the wheel did not shift on the hub. A re-torque is always recommended after the first forty kilometres of driving.

I know when my tire pressure is low because my vehicle has special sensors in the wheels. Will it cost me more to have the tires changed?

Yes, we do charge an additional fee to service tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Most vehicles manufactured after 2008 and in some models, prior to, have what is called TPMS or a tire pressure monitoring system. The purpose of this system is to notify the driver of a tire with low air pressure to avoid possible tire failure and loss of control. The two types of tire pressure monitoring systems are direct and indirect. A vehicle equipped with a direct system has a sensor mounted in each wheel that communicates with the vehicles computer. A dashboard indicator will either relay the tire pressure or send a warning once the pressure drops below the recommended PSI. With this system, there is an additional procedure to ensure the sensors are not damaged during the tire changing process. We treat every vehicle we service as though it has a direct system in place to eliminate sensor damage and repairs. The other type of TPMS is called an indirect system. It uses a combination of vehicle speed sensors and often, ABS brake sensors to determine if tire pressure is low. It does this by comparing rotations per minute in relation to the other tires. Though this system requires no additional procedures during the tire changing process, we still use direct system precautions. If you suspect you have a TPMS equipped vehicle or would like more information or pricing, feel free to ask one of our technicians.

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